The Broodmares

The Broodmares

Our breeding philosophy is based on the premise that our broodmares are the foundation of our breeding program. We feel we have assembled an outstanding band of OWN daughters of the performance horse industry's all-time leading broodmare sires on which to base our program. We hope the broodmares on this page demonstrate the quality of the prospects being produced by the Circle T Ranch.




Black Magic Cat Black Magic Cat
(WR This Cats Smart x Doc O Lilly x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

2007 Brown

Cajun Gay Cat Cajun Gay Cat
(High Brow Cat x Gay Hazel x Gay Bar King)



Chunkys April Two Chunkys April Two
(Chunky's Monkey x Docs Apirl One x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

1990 Bay

Chunkys Ruff Cut Chunkys Ruff Cut
(Chunky's Monkey x Guens Bar Request x Leo Bar)
*Reference Mare*

1991 Bay

CTR Miss Red Peptoak CTR Miss Red Peptoak
(Peptoboonsmal x SR Leave It To Me x Doc's Oak)

2003 Red Roan

CTR Joanies Cee Lena CTR Joanies Cee Lena
(Mr Sun O Lena x Joanies Gin x Shot O' Gin)
*Reference Mare*

2003 Dunalino

CTR Peppy Jos Player CTR Peppys Jos Player
(Playgun x Miss Peppy Jo Lena x Doc O'Lena)

2004 Gray

CTR Peppy Jos Rey CTR Peppys Jos Rey
(Dual Rey x Miss Peppy Jo Lena x Doc O'Lena)

2006 Chestnut

CTR Tazolena CTR Tazolena
(Pepto Taz x Lassie O Lena x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

2007 Sorrel

Glo Bonita Peppy Glo Bonita Peppy
(Peppy San Badger x Docs Sweet Glo x Doc Bar)
*Reference Mare*

1994 Bay

It Smarts A Little It Smarts A Little
(Smart Little Lena x Monkeys Red Holly x Chunky's Monkey)
*Reference Mare*

1990 Sorrel

Jae Bar Breanna Jae Bar Breanna
(Doc's Jack Sprat x Leo's Redonda x Leo's Question)

1989 Chestnut

Jewels Gun Jewels Gun
(Smart Little Lena x Playguns Jewel x Playgun)

2003 Gray

Lads Lena Jo Lads Lena Jo
(San Jo Lena x Lads Chelo x Linton Lad)
*Reference Mare*

1988 Bay

Lady Six Success Lady Six Success
(Lenas Success x Six Chick's 89 x Six Chick)
*Reference Mare*

1988 Gray

Lassie O Lena Lassie O Lena
(Doc O'Lena x Three Graces x Three Chicks)
*Reference Mare*

1991 Sorrel

Lenaette Jazzy Boon Lenaette Jazzy Boon
(Peptoboonsmal x Jazzy Lenaette x Young Gun)

1998 Red Roan

Lenas Blue Angel Lenas Blue Angel
(Peponita Flo x Lenas Jewel Frost x Lenas Jewel Bars)

2000 Sorrel

Lenas Dual Pep Lenas Dual Pep
(Dual Pep x Tanya Lena x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

1997 Bay

Lenas Patent Lenas Patent
(Smart Little Lena x First Patent x Old Hollywood)
*Reference Mare*

1988 Bay

Little Foot RB Little Foot RB
(Peponita x Docetta Benji x Doc's Tom Thumb)
*Reference Mare*

1991 Bay

Little Shiny Pepto Little Shiny Pepto
(Peptoboonsmal x Little Shiny Twist x Freckles Fancy Twist)

2006 Chestnut

Miss Peppy Jo Lena Miss Peppy Jo Lena
(Doc O'Lena x Peppys Jade Lady x Peppy San)
*Reference Mare*

1993 Sorrel

Miss Skyline Hickory Miss Skyline Hickory
(Mr Skyline Peppy x Miss Hickory Coop x Doc's Hickory)
*Reference Mare*

2002 Sorrel

Ms Becaco Racksum Ms Becaco Racksum
(Some Six x Miss Rack One x Rack Man 126)
*Reference Mare*

1995 Gray

Ms Silverita Ms Silverita
(Peppy San Badger x Miss Silver Pistol x Doc's Hickory)

1990 Gray

Nothin But Glory Nothin But Glory
(Doc's Prescription x Glory's Chick x Hug Me Chick)
*Reference Mare*



Pattys Par Three Pattys Par Three
(Par Three x Siemon King Pistol x Siemon Joe)
*Reference Mare*

1987 Brown

Peps Tachita Girl Peps Tachita Girl
(Freckles Playboy x Tachita De Peppy x Peppy San Badger)
*Reference Mare*

1991 Sorrel

Perfecta Playgirl Perfecta Playgirl
(Freckles Playboy x Preliminary Plans x Colonel Freckles)
*Reference Mare*

1996 Sorrel

RB Paddys Surfine RB Paddys Surfine
(Paddys Irish Whiskey x Surfine Babe Lena x Doc O Dynamite)
*Reference Mare*

2000 Sorrel

Sanjo Sally Sanjo Sally
(San Jo Lena x Maybellena x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

1989 Bay

Shea Peppy Shea Peppy
(Peppy San Badger x Doc Bar Tonette x Doc Bar)
*Reference Mare*

1994 Sorrel

Smart Little Betsy Smart Little Betsy
(Smart Little Lena x Miss Royale Dry x Dry Doc)
*Reference Mare*

1989 Bay

SR Leave It To Me SR Leave It To Me
(Doc's Oak x SR Docs Exit x Doc's Hickory)

1992 Red Roan

Sweetie Sugar Sweetie Sugar
(Son O Sugar x Sweet 'n Low x King Moore)
*Reference Mare*

1984 Sorrel

Tanya Lena Tanya Lena
(Doc O'Lena x Poco Wimpy Pine x Poco Tish)
*Reference Mare*

1982 Bay

Tanyas Playgirl Tanyas Playgirl
(Freckles Playboy x Tanya Lena x Doc O'Lena)
*Reference Mare*

1991 Bay

Travelen CD Travelen CD
(CD Olena x Travasugar x Travalena)

2001 Sorrel

Twistin Hickory 030 Twistin Hickory 030
(High Brow Hickory x Twistin Cee x Smart Little Lena)

1994 Red Dun

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