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Circle T Ranch, located in Mason, Texas, specializes in producing top quality Tifton 85 and Coastal Bermuda grass hay for the horsemen who are very particular about the quality and protein content of their hay. We are an excellent test market since we feed our hay to all of our own horses. We go to great effort/expense to insure that we produce an irrigated hay product that is both high in protein and extremely low in weed content.

Prior to commencing our commercial hay operation, we consulted Texas A&M on the best type of horse hay that could be grown in our area of the state. Based on this information and our research, Tifton 85 came out as the clear choice. It is not only extremely high in protein but also broad-leafed and very digestible for horses. As we sprig new fields, we will be transitioning all of our fields to Tifton 85.

Presently we are concentrating on producing large round bales but we will be adding more square bales as we expand our operation. Please call for references and more information.

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Circle T Ranch

Circle T
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Circle T Ranch
December 8, 2002

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